Update to your GCS maintenance routine

IMG_5233-resizedYou probably saw our article back in January about maintenance routines to keep your GCS performing in top condition. In it we shared a video from our counterparts in the US.

While most of this information is accurate and best practice to keep your machines running we want to advise that we do not recommend spraying in or around your connectors with WD40. While WD40 is a great water displacer it can become a non-conductive coating, which in your connectors can cause problems with the performance of the system. It has also been known to turn into a gummy substance after a few months and starts to attract dirt and dust.

“If you were to use WD40 to disperse moisture or dirt built up around the connector, I would recommend the use of contact cleaner to remove any WD40 residue,” says Shane Wright one of our helpful product support staff. “This ensures a good connection between the terminals, keeping your system performing in top condition.”

So to keep your system working its best in between regular maintenance, keep up your regular checks and cleaning but keep the WD40 away from your connectors.