At all stages of a project – from feasibility, through design, development and maintenance – the right data needs to be collected to help you make decisions, but this data can often be complex and time consuming to process and present.

Our Engineering Services team is made up of industry experts who understand what a true earthworks model should contain and can take the finished surface model and break it down to the individual earthworks and subgrade components. This removes operator error from the field decisions, provides you with the assurance correct construction methods have been used and enables the volumetric control of on-site materials.


Our Engineering Services team is here to do the work for you including:

  • Trimble Business Centre support – Survey and Heavy Construction support (TBC Download). Trimble Business Centre is an easy-to-use, graphical software package, ideal for the preparation and management of data for survey and heavy civil construction projects;
  • Digital design editing/modelling and clean up services;
  • Earthwork volumes, including periodic reporting e.g. end of month reports;
  • Tendering/estimating and Mass haul Reporting – Trimble Business Center: From Tender to Delivery, and;
  • GNSS post-processing;

Field Data Preparation:

  • Data conversion for Trimble SiteVision units – Trimble SiteVision: Exporting a VCL
  • Trimble Machine control files – Earthworks & GSC900. A series of instructional videos demonstrating how to upload and manage data for Trimble GCS900 machine control and Trimble SCS900 systems;
  • Trimble SCS900 & Siteworks data;

If you’d like to speak to someone in our Engineering Services team, please call 07 3851 8395 or send an email to Engineering Services.

If you want to know more about TBC Extensions or download information, click SITECH TBC Extensions

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