Weighing and Monitoring

Trimble payload weighing systems use proprietary technology to achieve accurate weighing to ± 3% margin of error with no disruption to operations. This dynamic system ensures bucket-by-bucket optimisation of the load-out process. Track tons per hour, cycle times, and total tonnage moved by excavators and trucks to understand project progress to plan. And when payload is combined with equipment inspection software and equipment monitoring solutions, tracking operations has never been easier.

Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform

Maximise your machine control investment with integrated payload management. Track how much weight is in each bucket and how much weight has been added to a cycle.

Features and Benefits

The Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform is designed to help operators do more in less time than ever before. Teams using Trimble Earthworks can exceed productivity expectations across jobs of all types.

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With Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, leverage your existing Trimble Earthworks machine control investment to load more in less time.

Increase Efficiency and Decrease Cost

  • Track bucket-by-bucket payload and monitor mass haul progress from the same powerful Trimble Earthworks display
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software design gives operators of all skill levels the ability to be more productive
  • Manage subcontractors, track and monitor the loading of trucks and tons moved
  • Weigh-in motion with dynamic weighing
  • Maximise tons per gallon (liter) and minimise fuel usage of excavators and trucks

Versatility on the Jobsite

  • Using Trimble Earthworks advanced sensor technology, contractors can now view accurate, bucket-by-bucket payload information without installing a separate weighing system

Compatibility and Intuitive Interface

  • Mixed fleet compatible
  • The Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform runs on the 10-inch (25.7 centimeter) Android touch-screen Trimble TD520 Display
  • Optimised interface for ease-of-use and productivity


With two productivity tools within one streamlined interface, the Trimble LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform is ideal for:

  • Tracking material moved
  • Maximising every truck haul
  • Mixed fleets
  • Preventing overloading and underloading