The Internet of Things in Civil Construction

iot-250x150The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the new buzz word used to describe how more and more things are connecting to the internet. Things like your fridge, your phone, washing machine and almost anything else you can think of.

This also includes your machinery, though connecting your fleet to the office is not a new concept to those aware of the Trimble Connected Site.

IoT is starting to play a large role in the building industry. Already designers are starting to include smart features into their buildings, like blinds that automatically move to block the sun using its connection to the internet. Or a building using this connection to conserve energy by finding a way to heat or cool naturally.

This type of interaction with the structures we use on a daily basis can easily be extended into the civil area.

Imagine a bridge that will provide you with up-to-date information on its congestion. What about solving traffic and congestion issues, as well as parking in cities. Solutions like this could ease the way for the next generation of connected, autonomous vehicles. The IoT is already being tested in the USA to synchronize traffic signals. They are also testing sensors in the roads to provide up-to-date parking information.

With the IoT growing and expanding into all areas and its solutions becoming expected conveniences, it becomes important for those in all areas to be aware of it and that it almost certainly will impact their work in the future.

The inspiration for this article came from the CONSTRUCTECH blog Using IoT to Build Construction by Peggy Smedley.