But “Old School” ways are working

Silver-SpurDo you hear about the machine control systems out there and think ‘I could change, but the “old school” ways are working for me, so why bother’? That was what Silver Spur Constructions, from Oklahoma thought too, until they started testing machine control systems out.

Silver Spur Construction is a site prep, erosion control, and subbase contractor started in 1975 and they’ve done quite well. “Old school” ways have grown the family-owned firm from just two men to 60 machines in almost 40 years.

“Most of our work has been government work throughout the years,” Waco Webb, the company’s project manager, estimator and operator says. “They would give us a set of plans, but they’d say, ‘Just make it work.’ In other words, make it fit.”

But when government work slowed Silver Spur decided to expand its horizons and Waco knew this would require more precision.

product20-20SPS855_0-2-380x300After trying out the different systems Silver Spur bought a new Cat D6K dozer, equipped with a Trimble GCS900 machine control system and a Trimble SPS855 modular receiver and they love it.

“I want to use it on every job. I’m always looking for any possible way I can use it, Waco says. “It’s been going non-stop since we’ve had it.”

Webb thinks Silver Spur has achieved a 20-percent increase in grading productivity, and on one project, recovered more than one month of time after bad weather.

He’s also eager to share what he’s experienced with machine control with other managers.

“[Grade control] is a lot of money, but you should try all the systems—it will ease your mind and you’ll think, ‘Okay I made the right decision,’” he says. “And, anybody can sell you something, but make sure you’re dealing with someone that will service you after the sale.”

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