Trimble 4D Control Software

Software is the core of a monitoring project. It triggers alarms based on user defined thresholds as well as controls the measurements, manages data and compiles and analyses the results.  From campaign monitoring to real-time, multi-sensor operations, Trimble 4D Control can handle the challenge of complex monitoring applications.


  • Create comprehensive monitoring systems using GNSS receivers, optical total stations and geotechnical sensors
  • Enhance and customise your monitoring capability to address a wide range of applications
  • Measure, analyse, visualise and report on your monitoring projects
  • Manage your system and view results from remote locations

Industry Applications

Mining – Trimble monitoring solutions can be used in open pit and underground mines for monitoring highwalls, tunnels, subsidence and stockpiles.
Construction – Monitor motion in buildings and structures adjacent to construction sites. You can monitor cut and fill slopes and incomplete structures.
Engineering – Track the motion of dams, bridges, buildings and other man-made structures.
Transportation – Monitor transportation structures, cut and fill slopes and railways. You can also monitor structures close to transportation corridors during construction and operation.
Utilities – Monitor pipelines, transmission structures, production and storage facilities.
Tunneling – Monitor new and existing tunnels for deformation. Monitor for surface subsidence above tunneling projects.
Geotechnical – Monitor dams and levees, landslides, landfills, subsidence, faults and natural structures.

For a full run-down on Trimble 4D Control, visit the Trimble website.



Trimble 4D Control provides a project and sensor management to configure monitoring projects and associated sensors that will be visualised in Trimble 4D Web. You can create projects, review coordinate system information, create sensors and then connect them to the real-time data provided by Trimble 4D Control Server.


Many monitoring projects do not require continuous measurements. With Trimble 4D Lite, surveyors, engineers, scientists and others can visit projects periodically, collect data and display and analyse the data without the need for a complex real time monitoring system. T4D Lite is a cloud‑based web application designed with the same advanced web interface and back-end stability that you have come to expect with Trimble 4D Control, with the advantage that this is available for the analysis of any form of data time series.

Key Features

Collect and Manage Data

A Trimble monitoring system automatically manages measurement cycles, communications and the flow of incoming data. In addition to Trimble optical and GNSS sensors, Trimble 4D Control supports a wide variety of geotechnical instruments

Computations and Analysis

Trimble 4D Control provides tools for rigorous analysis on your monitoring data. Your results arrive quickly and easily. And because the raw information is stored in an SQL database, it’s easy to extract your data for use in external applications.


Trimble 4D Web is used to analyse and visualise monitoring projects, and provides access to your monitoring system over a fast, feature-rich Web interface. Whenever you connect to the Internet, you can connect to Trimble 4D Control Web and view your project in real-time.


The Trimble 4D Control Room Web allows you to monitor projects that belong to one or more Trimble 4D Control Web installations. This add-on to the T4D software shows information that is published by the individually linked Trimble 4D Web instances.






Visualisation and Mapping

Use Trimble 4D Control to create visual results using maps, charts and graphs. You can import photographs and aerial images to provide basemaps and backgrounds for real-time data on sensors and project status.

Automated Alerts and Alarms

You can define sets of conditions for alarms, including tolerances for displacement at any point. When needed, Trimble 4D Control sends alarms via SMS and email to specified stakeholders.